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2018 Summer Session ends

Another successful term draws to a close to Nepalese language class organised by Eyes UK. It is amazing to see how much has been achieved by the children and they have enjoyed learning about language and culture of Nepal.

Nepal is democratic multicultural , multi racial melting pot with several distinct and polar cultural heritage and languages within a small boundary. Ethos and Values of Nepali and British culture have many similarities. Also , there is a long heritage of Gurkha soldiers which tie two countries together . It is important for our children to understand these inherited common values we share.

We conclude our weekly session with different educational and informational videos aimed our children - the one they particularly liked was about Meera Rai , A child shoulder turned into one of the best female ultra marathon runner . Other popular was about Kumari , A living goddess in Kathmandu.

We have organised different outdoor events over the year and we are proud of increasing number of involvement in weekly Parkrun. Our focus is on encouraging Nepalese parent on all round development of our children . We also aim to create support structure for parents within our community .

We also have challenges, in terms of equipment, facilities and not being able to run wider varieties of programs aimed at both parents and children due to constraint on funding. We are working towards finding ways to bridge those gaps and hopefully we can organise more useful programs over next year.

Our new session will start on 7th September 2018. Have a lovely holidays.

-Eyes UK team.


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