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3rd International Literary and Music forum - from a child's eye

The children’s production:

On the 23rd of may, 2020, we( EYES UK) had an amazing array of different acts and performances from people all over the world: ranging from Malaysia to Nepal, all from the computer screen! EYES UK was privileged to host an online show. Our community was well represented- many of our friends were involved in this exciting event. As our host was also our teacher, many of our EYES UK friends were there with some stunning scenes and talents. From the first to the last, it was pooling with excitement and anticipation.

The programme was fit to burst, full to the brim with more than 30 acts that made you glued to the screen. We had singing, dancing, piano playing, poem recitals, story telling, amazing drawings and much more. Children from Columbia, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Philippines, Nigeria, the UK, Thailand, The Netherlands, Singapore and the USA all had their moment to shine in this special children edition. In this programme, each child had three minutes to put on a rocking show. A special shoutout is to Kodaline; everyone raved over her beautiful, clear angel’s voice. As the three minutes were up, each child was greeted with well deserved, thunderous applause. Cool!

Enjoying performance by guest Artist Avi David from US from my room.

As our host, Purna Shresta, announced the acts, and somebody came on screen, there was proof that even in the darkest times, we can make a light. We chose to have this reunion online; even though the coronavirus is still creeping around. This is an amazing experience and one that we are not likely to forget: the chances are, probably, this is not going to happen again in our lifetimes. As it is boring, stuck in the house with nothing to do, why don’t you do the same? This thrilling performance was definitely a highlight to our day and will be one to yours! Thank you to everyone who performed, and to the health workers all over the world who keeps us safe. Goodbye!

Summer Chandra - (11 years old from UK)


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