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Interaction with grandparents and Temple Visit

Eye UK and members of Nepali community in Sutton celebrated two biggest festivals of Nepal with various programmes. Nepal is multi cultural country and is rightly a microcosm of different ethnicities , cultures , language and religion.

Festivals celebrated in Nepal tend to reflect the unity among diversity and we feel it is important to pass those invaluable cultural heritage to our future generation.

Eyes UK organised question answer session with grandparents and children had an opportunity to ask questions and dwell about differences between generations. popular questions were what did you play when you were young? what were your fond memories of childhood? Session ended with grandparents blessing the children as per tradition of Dashin and Children receiving gifts . This year Eyes UK organised a gift pack from Smiggles to children's delight.

A wider community gathering for Dashin\Tihar celebration was organised with home cooked food and cultural performances. Children took an effort to showcase their talents from cultural dances to popular Fortnight dance moves. Parents also had an opportunity to participate with singing and dancing performances.


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