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Participation growing for Parkrun

Eyes UK has been encouraging children to participate in weekly Parkrun held locally at Nunsuch park.Number of participants have grown from 1-2 children attending regularly at the start of the year to 7-8 weekly mid year.

Junior parkrun has proved as fantastic opportunity for our kids to participate on 2 KM group run every week. Feedback from parents have been amazing.

Some of highlighted Benefits of parkrun extracted from Park run blog below are evident that these events does more than keeping our kids busy on Sunday morning:

51% of junior participants are more active than they were when they began at juniors, which is over 37,000 children over the past year. Arguably even more importantly, parents told us that 60% of children now have an improved attitude to physical activity.  This is key in helping set our children up for an enjoyment of activity through their lives, and it is great to see parkrun is contributing to this.  Keeping our “smiles per face” ratio high will be key to this positive attitude staying with the children in future years.

The benefits go beyond physical activity, with parents reporting that 46% of children (over 28,000 in the past year) have more confidence.  Around 10,000 of our young parkrunners have increased their ability to concentrate, with the same figure now more able to make friends than before they began parkrun, with 16% of parents seeing a positive change here.

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Below is website for our local Parkrun. Please contact for further information.


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