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Post-Covid Celebration at Nepali School

One of the first celebrations in our school since the covid outbreak has been Swarswasti Puja. Swarswati is regarded as goddess of knowledge in Hindu religion and is celebrated widely in Nepal and many parts of the world . This is also regarded as an auspicious day for children to start writing. Children would be taken to the Swarswati temple and they would write their first letter or word using chalk on the wall of the temple. Saraswati Puja is celebrated in different ways in different parts of Nepal.

In our school in Sutton , children gathered around Swarswasti shrine and recited prayers with teachers and parents. There were sweets and treats for everyone. Some parents travelled from out of the Sutton borough to take part in the celebration which was amazing to see.

Although event was spontaneous and planned at very short notice it was resounding success, it was an opportunity for our children to be aware of our culture and celebrate festivals which would normally overlooked outside


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